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i didnt want to draw his jacket sorry„

What do you do when you feel like your friends constantly make fun of your opinions and you’re unable to talk to them because they won’t listen even though it’s important to you?
Do you stop being friends with them?
It’s starting to make me really uncomfortable but I’m not sure what to do…


//crappy seiyuu jokes / in which nanami is a one man army student council president called angel and komaeda is a kamidere vice president who can hypnotize people

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おんなじような構図の二枚をぽい 日向君専用枝


2/22にあげ忘れた ネコミミを堂々とつけていい日ってきいたから・・・ならくがき みるくくさいにゃぎとをなめるひにゃたくん


I didn’t see any many galaxy/nebula brushes floating around, so I made my own! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧  Hope someone find it helping ;v;

You have to add detail and effect by self, but it’s pretty easy!! Maybe I make tutorial on it later ;v;

I suggest detail and blend layers on luminosity or addition!! Use bright colours!


I suggest using a watercolour brush on following sets:

Size: 26.0

Min size: 60%

Density: 100%

Spread: 50%

(No Texture)

Blending: 50

Dilution: 50

Persistence: 80

Keep opacity: yes

Smoothing Prs: 50%

+Advanced Settings:

Quality: 2

Edge Hardness: 0

Min Density: 0

Max Dens Prs: 100%

Hard <-> Soft: 100

Dens: Yes Size: Yes Blend: Yes


I suggest using a brush on the following sets:

Size: 100.0

Min size: 3%

Density: 54%

Spread: 100%

(No Texture)

Blending: 49

Dilution: 0

Persistence: 80

Keep opacity: no

+Advanced Settings:

Quality: 2

Edge Hardness: 0

Min Density: 10

Max Dens Prs: 49%

Hard <-> Soft: 0

Dens: Yes Size: Yes Blend: No


I completely forgot how Miko’s belt worked


knowing sdr2 is finally out on monday